Outdoor Adventure Guide

I devised, relaunched and edited the Outdoor Adventure Guide, with an entirely new ethos, design, staff and tone.

The magazine grew from my strong belief that environmental culture change must come from empowerment and positivity, and the magazine was filled with information on environmental issues, low-carbon holidays and activities, and an emphasis on UK-based adventure.

Above (and here) are the magazine’s launch issue mission statement, and an article on carbon counting for holidays. I also designed and commissioned the world’s first holiday carbon calculator, working closely with carbon expert Mukti Mitchell. See the full article here: Holiday carbon calculator

The relaunch of the magazine was very timely, coinciding with a sudden enthusiasm for UK holidays and environmental interest, and newly coined staycations and glamping. The team grew the subscriptions and newsstand sales of the magazine, and it is still going strong.


Giving all new direction to an old travel magazine, with a strong but in no way pious environmental ethos


Fall-Line Media


Devising, relaunching, and editing the magazine, with a highly enthusiastic team. Commissioning features and photography, planning and setting up our own product photoshoots, writing my own travel articles, plus illustration and design. I also subbed the whole thing!


Content creation