About me


Project work

I usually work on projects that need a bedrock of good writing, web content, mission statements, pitches and the like, and also some of the other elements it takes to get a project off the ground.

Most of all what new projects need is energy, positivity, and a fast worker.

I like to get really involved. I have spark and stamina and fifteen years of experience of online and print, as well as my own book, film and ridiculously successful crowdfunding campaign, so if your idea, project or company needs an injection of energy, get in touch.

Walking about with a donkey

In summer 2013 I spent almost six months walking 1000 miles around Wales with a donkey called Chico. There’s more about Seaside Donkey here, and the on the adventure’s own website. I wrote the book and made the film, funded by a triumphant crowdfunding campaign that raised £35,000 and ended 25% over budget, with 831 backers. The book is now in its second imprint.

I am available to write guest blogs or articles, for interviews or for public speaking, and I have high quality photography and over 200 hours of film. Contact me here or have a peep at my press so far here.

As a result of the walk I was featured as one of the Guardian’s most inspiring female adventurers!


My background

In print

I am an experienced editor. I devised and launched the Outdoor Adventure Guide, a consumer magazine inspiring readers to enjoy the UK outdoors. It is now a thriving year-round title. I also edited Fall-Line Skiing magazine. As well as commissioning, sub editing, writing, illustrating, picture editing, organising trips and events for features, keeping the team happy, producing marketing material, ensuring advertising fulfilment, building newsstand and subscription sales and getting involved with the magazines’ online presence, I also got a decent amount of travelling done.


I moved on to work online, first as freelance head of editorial for MadDogSki, devising, writing and editing ski and lifestyle features and newsletters for the popular guidebook and website publishers. I also wrote features with a MadDogSki byline for the wider print and online press, to various styles, tones and deadlines.

I’ve since made a number of websites from scratch using WordPress templates, project managed another for the Gospel Ship public art project, and been content manager for the huge and venerable Ski Club of Great Britain.

All of these roles and projects involved setting up and managing social media channels, writing and sending out newsletters, planning and monitoring search engine optimisation, and in some cases researching user experience and information architecture too.

Freelance writing

Whether it’s travel articles, gear testing, interviews, or philosophical missives on the state of the world (or, amazingly, creative combinations of them all), I’m the scribe for you. I have also written for the Guardian, the Times, the Independent, the Mail Online, Sport magazine, Country Walking magazine, New Welsh Review, Women’s Adventure magazine, Vagabundo magazine, Landscape magazine, Sublime magazine, UK Hillwalking.com, and many others. Many clippings here.

Nuts and bolts

I’m a trained sub-editor and a stickler for accuracy, continuity, careful language use and deliberate tone-of-voice choices. I’m happy to work from my own studio or from your office, and can handle Macs and PCs, Creative Suite and Quark Xpress, and even old-fashioned paper. I speak fluent Welsh, decent German, and beginner donkey.

Please contact me if you want to talk about your project.

Me by Windermere

Photo by Camilla Rutherford