New Welsh Reader features

May 11, 2020 at 10:59 am / by

I’ve been really pleased to be writing for the New Welsh Reader over the past few years, on the themes of motherhood and child-wrangling, engagement with the outside world, and wild swimming. It’s been a valuable platform upon which to keep thinking and writing, and they invited me to talk at the Hay Festival too, which was a brilliant experience.

NWR subscribers can read the articles online via the following links, and non-subscribers will be able to see versions of the articles on my Seaside Donkey website very soon.

  • Swimming Women article – a piece on gender and wetness (!), art, and literal immersion in the natural world
  • The Effortless Poetry of the Toddler – a long read on maternal ambivalence, and a to-do list for small-child survival including plans such as rockpooling under the influence, mindful ambling and child-led Situationist and anti-capitalist dériving
  • Untethered – a blog update of the above (free to read in full)

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