Raindance Film Course, and now I want to write a novel. Great.

January 17, 2012 at 6:45 pm / by

I can heartily recommend the Raindance film course I went on last Saturday. It was mostly about feature films – screenwriting, producing, directing and breaking into the industry – but the directing and producing parts will definitely inform the films I’m making for MadDogSki, like this one of Åre in Sweden and this one of the Three Valleys.

The screenwriting seminar was particularly exciting, as our funny Canadian, Amish-born, horror-film making, name-dropping, Cameron-hating* lecturer with arc-eye and a leather jacket lead us through some basic tenets of putting together a story. So now I want to write a novel, just as soon as I finish buying narrowboats, learning Spanish, knitting hats, going to Buenos Aires, building an SEO strategy, having lunch with an editor, doing a bookkeeping course, visiting my grandparents, meeting a new baby, going to the theatre, dentist and pub, and regrouting the bathroom, and all the other things I’m doing this week.

* David, not James. Although he may hate James too…


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