Grannell community wind turbine

Comms and marketing for Grannell Community Energy, a community-owned wind turbine in the south of Ceredigion. My services have been employed in the run-up to the launch of the Community Benefit Society’s second share offer. During the share offer we will be seeking to raise over £500,000 in shares and bonds, meaning that the turbine will be entirely community-owned. The project requires scrupulous bilingual comms and careful attention to the legalities of share offers.

Comms must simultaneously reach a demographic nationwide and beyond who are likely to buy significant shares in community energy, while also not compromising the importance of the local community’s input, involvement and membership. The project, with its remit to create and distribute a community fund, must be made visible to the local community themselves, via social media, schools projects, comms tuned to local priorities and interests, visibility of fliers, posters and events etc.


Grannell Community Energy


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